Hey. I'm John Coates.
I work at SoundCloud, marketing our premium services.

I post/comment on anything I find interesting. That usually means marketing, sales, management, and entrepreneurship. I am also an audiophile, outdoors guy, beer geek (my videos: Beer O'Clock) and like to go really fast on skis and bicycles.

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Est. Nov. 15, 2007
Sat Mar 1
I’d come all the way from New York to eat in Toronto? Well, actually, yes, I had. Toronto’s Ethnic Buffet - NYTimes.com
Fri Feb 28
Wed Feb 26
From the sign-up screen, with its gently rounded font and frequent, trust-building use of the word “you,” Beats Music is designed to resemble a sentient being. Computer Love: Beats Music Wants To Be Your Everything : The Record : NPR
Thu Feb 20
The best comparison for Google seems to me not Microsoft in the 1980s but General Electric in the late 19th century – the age of electrification. Like GE, Google is a multifaceted industrial enterprise riding a wave of technology with an uncanny ability not only to invent far-reaching products but also to produce them commercially. Ways of thinking about Google — Benedict Evans
Mon Feb 17
Fri Feb 14
The problem is, this sort of ignorance and misunderstanding is often how we get true disruption - people are so ignorant that they don’t know something can’t be done and won’t work, so they go and do it, and it works. Ignorance — Benedict Evans
Fri Jan 24
Wed Jan 22
It’s become fashionable, he said, to talk about something called pinpin korori, a brutal but almost comic way of describing an active life followed by sudden death. “Drop down dead,” he laughed. “That’s a good way of saving on medical bills.” Then he paused to reflect. “After all, we don’t want to be a burden on the youngsters.” I think my grandfather did the best he could at this because he wanted it that way. He cared that much about everyone around him over himself. Goodbye Grandpa Art. I will miss your example. “How Japan stood up to old age” - FT.com
Mon Jan 20
Cycling and beer are so intertwined we may never understand the full relationship. Velominati › The Rules